Price List for Pet Cremations 

The prices below are for cremation service only. We have a large selection of urns and caskets to choose from should you require something a little bit special. All prices include VAT 

Very Small Pet

(Hamster, Budgie, Guinea Pig etc.)


Small Pet

(Ferret, Rabbit etc.)


Medium Pet

(Cat, Giant Rabbit etc.)


Small Dog

(Yorkshire Terrier, Jack Russell etc.)


Medium Dog

(Cocker, Springer, Corgi etc.)


Large Dog

(Lab, Collie, Boxer etc. )


Extra Large Dog

(German Shepherd, Husky etc. )


Giant Dog

(Lg German Shepherd, Rottweiler etc.)


EX. Giant Dog

(Mastiff, Newfoundland etc.)



Various depending on Breed


Pet Pig


Collection of Pet and Return of Ashes

0.72p per mile inc. VAT

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Bespoke Funeral Service
Please contact us to discuss your requirements