Since childhood, I have always been deeply affected by the death of my much loved pets and as an adult I can only compare my grief to that of losing a family member. We all know that our dear friend will eventually pass but nothing prepares you for that final goodbye and the emptiness that follows. 

Someone grieving for a human passing will always be leant a sympathetic ear whilst we seem almost apologetic when seen to be upset about the death of our much loved pets. 

Dealing with the arrangements after our pets' death are more often than not left with the vet who treated them during their lifetime. I have always preferred to arrange a private, personal cremation myself and take some comfort in the knowledge that they have been treated with the kindness and respect that they received whilst they were alive. 

I would like to offer every animal lover the chance to provide their pet with a dignified farewell whilst at the same time giving you total peace of mind.

Karina Rodgers-Hughes, Founder and partner 

 Individual Private Cremations

All circumstances are different and it is vital that your needs are met during this emotional time. Most owners prefer to drive their pets to the crematorium whilst others wish to have their pet collected from home. Another option would be to have your pet collected from the veterinary practice. Either way each pet will be gently laid in a lined coffin and placed in a private vehicle. Every pet is treated with the same love, care and consideration we would give to our own. You will then be offered the chance to say your 'goodbyes' at the Crematorium where your pet will be laid in our chapel of rest. Here, your loved one, be it a small hamster, a Great Dane, or even a pet pig will be treated with total respect and be cremated privately and individually. It is not uncommon for people to watch their pets being placed in the cremation chamber and our customers are welcome to do this. Attending the cremation is often a positive experience for those who want to be with their pet until the very end. 

During the cremation process we will offer words of condolence and discuss ways in which you may want to mark your pet's passing. We can offer a wide range of fitting memorials, tributes and caskets to help you personalise or mark the chapter in your lives where your pet had been such a major part of your family. Once the cremation process has taken place, usually within 48 hours, we will place your pet's ashes in the casket of your choice and you will soon after be reunited with your loved one. 

Urns, Caskets and Keepsakes

We can offer an extensive range of beautiful Urns, Caskets, Baskets and Tributes to mark the passing of your friend. 

Perhaps you may wish to carry a reminder with you to feel that your pet is close to you? We have a range of varied and unusual keepsakes available. 

Caskets can be engraved on site with the inscription of your choice. 

Bespoke Funeral Services

If you would like us to tailor and individual 'goodbye' for your special friend, we will be happy to do so. Perhaps you would like a gathering of family or friends who were especially close to your pet? or maybe just a few words of comfort before you say your goodbyes? 

We understand how important it is to you to do what feels right and fitting at this difficult time and we are happy to discuss your wishes.  

Aftercare Service

Because we understand exactly how you feel, we know that the pain of losing your pet will remain after their ashes have been returned to you and we therefore offer an aftercare service where you are more than welcome to visit us, have a cuppa and enjoy the beautiful views over the Black Mountains and Golden Valley whilst reflecting and reminiscing on happier times spent with your pet.

There will always be a friendly and understanding member of staff around if you'd like a chat. 

Barton Hill Pet Crematorium is set in idyllic surroundings where we believe the ambience and scenery is the perfect place to be at peace with your memories.